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Our mission is to facilitate a seamless transition for successful entrepreneurs looking to step down from managing their businesses. Our approach ensures fair cash consideration coupled with the opportunity for continued participation in the business's future growth. Preserving legacy and promoting the proliferation of these lifetime creations is at the heart of our commitment. The transition here marks not an end, but a promising evolution towards continued progress and success.
Egor bulavintsev
I am the founder of Thula Capital, and I bring a distinctive blend of experiences and insights to the table.

Growing up as the eldest child in a female-dominated family, I naturally assumed the role of decision-maker and provider, fostering a strong sense of determination and drive. My inquisitive nature, coupled with my parents’ expertise in various fields, allowed me to develop skills in carpentry, metal welding, electrical work, auto mechanics, and agriculture.

I started my career in early college as a financial planner and analyst at a car parts shop and as an auto mechanic during the summers. This early career experience provided me with the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship by launching a greenfield manufacturing facility for salvage car disassembling in Jacksonville, Florida, and organizing cross-border shipping of spare car parts. Later, in Russia, I started a greenfield car service business, which achieved $3.0 million in annual revenue before I transitioned to an advisory role.

Eager to learn more about business best practices, I joined a management consulting firm post-college, where I worked with a range of clients across multiple industries, helping them optimize their operations and develop strategies. There, I learned about mergers and acquisitions and decided to devote my next several years to investment banking, advising clients on selling or buying businesses.

My passion for business and investing led me to pursue an MBA from Columbia Business School, further sharpening my skills in operations, strategic planning, marketing, and investments. Upon graduation, I joined a private equity firm in New York City, where I spent six years working with senior partners to identify, analyze, acquire, and manage businesses across the United States. I was lucky to speak to hundreds of business owners about their companies, and I was always impressed by their passion. I’ve always wanted to become one myself.

I founded Thula Capital to realize my dream of becoming a business owner and help entrepreneurs achieve their goals of stepping down while also preserving the legacy they built over the years.

Outside of work, I am an avid outdoors enthusiast (fishing, off-roading, skiing, doing watersports, and traveling) and a former hot air ballooning co-pilot (World Championship 2008 silver prize). These experiences taught me the value of teamwork, which is essential in sports and business. At Thula Capital, I believe in fostering a strong team dynamic and working collaboratively to achieve success.

My mission at Thula Capital is to partner with business owners to create long-term value and drive growth. With the team of investors and advisors, I have the experience, knowledge, and dedication to take your business to the next level. Contact me today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.
Our Partners
Acquisition and Operating Approach
Approach to Acquisition
Thula Capital’s approach to acquisitions is thorough and respectful and designed to ensure a smooth transaction with minimal disruption for both the business being acquired and its employees
  1. Maximum devotion to diligence and closing of the transaction: We ensure our full-time commitment to due diligence and the prompt closing of the transaction. We work hard, stick to our timelines, and are transparent with sellers about every aspect of the acquisition
  2. Minimal disruption of business operations: We ensure that the day-to-day operations of the business are not impacted during our diligence
  3. Minimization of the workload on the seller’s side: We acknowledge that the selling process can be stressful and time-consuming. Hence, we take on the responsibility of streamlining the diligence process as much as possible, helping sellers to generate required information, limiting the requests lists and involvement of third-party advisors to only critically necessary
  4. Maximum sensitivity around communication with employees and customers: We appreciate the importance of clear and open communication with employees, considering it a crucial part of the acquisition process. However, we will approach this only after all other workstreams are complete and closing is around the corner. We aim to mitigate uncertainty and fear among employees but also foster trust and goodwill.
Approach to Management
Our business management approach emphasizes a hands-on, committed, and long-term outlook towards the businesses we acquire. We don’t need to cut costs or double revenue to make money. We need to preserve what has already been created and minimize any disruptions.
  1. Full-time commitment: Our firm takes a hands-on approach to the management of the businesses we acquire. Instead of staying at a distance, one of our partners steps into the CEO role. This will become their full-time, and only job
  2. Seamless transition: With any acquisition or change in leadership, there is always a risk of disruption. We are focused on a seamless transition that minimizes inconveniences for customers, employees, and vendors, ensuring that the business continues to operate smoothly without any hiccups that could potentially damage relationships or harm the company's reputation
  3. Developing partnership relationships with existing and future employees: We believe in the value of employees and seek to foster a sense of ownership and commitment among them. To do this, we introduce compensation packages that allow employees to participate in the upside. This could include KPIs, profit-sharing schemes, stock options, or other performance-based rewards that tie their success to the success of the business, creating a win-win situation and fostering a sense of partnership and shared goals
  4. Long-term focus: Unlike some firms that acquire businesses with the intent of making quick changes and then selling for a profit, we take a long-term view. Our business model allows us to own businesses for the long haul, focusing on sustained growth and success over time. This long-term perspective shapes our approach to management, leading to strategies and decisions that prioritize stability, consistent growth, and the creation of long-term value rather than short-term gains
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